Sinewave Energy Solutions offer a wide range of construction services. A non-exhaustive list is provided below;


Switchgear, transformers and associated plant replacement up to 33kv

Whether driven by load requirements, or at short notice in reaction to a fault, we can design, specify, supply and install equipment for upgrades or like for like replacement to ensure your company’s power needs are satisfied.

Cable Jointing and terminations up to 33kv

Our qualified cable jointers are experienced on a multitude of cables such as XLPE, EPR, Triplex, PILC, Wavecon, CAS, CONSAC etc.

Substation Earthing and Exothermic Welding

The correct earthing arrangement for a high voltage installation is imperative for safety and the correct functioning of equipment and plant. We can design and install the earthing systems required for new substations and carry out testing to ensure that the required value or connection to earth is achieved.

Connections are often the most critical element of earthing systems and subsequently can become the weak point due to aging and corrosion. The preferred method of connection is the exothermic welding process producing a molecular bond which has more load carrying capacity than the conductors they are joining.

Our engineers are trained and experienced in the use of exothermic welding equipment.


Our skilled and trained operatives can deliver many aspects of groundworks required for utility engineering. Including site preparation and clearance, bulk excavations, utility ducting and substation foundations, plinths and bases.

Trenching and Cable laying

We have the experience and expertise to excavate and lay cables ensuring ground disturbance is kept to a minimum. Cables are laid to correct depths, marked by warning tape or tiles and protected with the correct material of backfill.

Cable diversions up to 33kv

Owners or private networks may find that during building works energised cables will need to be re-located. For high voltage cabling this cannot be done safely unless the cable is made dead. Generally, the cable would need to be either lengthened or shortened in any case so an outage may be unavoidable.

We can liaise with you and plan how best to go about the project keeping power outages to a minimum and sourcing correct materials and joints according to the equipment already installed on site.

Cable overlays up to 33kv

From time to time existing cables will need to be replaced whether this is due to issues with a cable’s loading capacity or because of repeated faults due to deteriation of an aging network needing replacement. We can provide a service including specification, procurement (With future-proofing in mind) and installation, keeping outages to a minimum or carrying out the work at a time that is least inconvenient to your company.

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