Operation & Maintenance

Private Networks

For private networks on sites such as factories, hospitals and windfarms we offer bespoke condition based maintenance and time based maintenance services. The frequency of maintenance is to be agreed between Sinewave Energy Solutions and the Client to ensure that the network is kept in a safe operating manor. We offer two different levels of cover for maintenance schemes; Maintenance Only and Control, Operate and Maintain.

Maintenance Only

This package is ideal for those clients that have their own low and voltage policies, procedures, safety rules and Senior Authorised Persons. Sinewave energy solutions would provide fitters to maintain the equipment required and work under the clients rules and safety documentation.

Control, Operate and Maintain

This package is for those clients that do not have any in house high voltage expertise. Sinewave Energy Solutions would be made responsible for the network and would be Controlled,Operated and Maintained under our distribution safety rules.

Solar Parks

Due to the varying levels of cover required by clients we offer bespoke packages to suit their needs and budgets ensuring that their equipment is kept to standards required by the electricity at work act (1989), ESQCR’s, HSE 230 and BS 6626.

We take a flexible approach to the amount of cover we can offer. We can take complete control of a site offering a full maintenance package to manufacturer’s specifications ensuring warranties are maintained, including full 24/7 365 day faults cover package. Or offer any of our services purely on an Ad-hoc basis.

Please feel free to call us to discuss your requirements.

AC High and Low Voltage Condition based monitoring

We offer condition based monitoring for AC High and Low voltage equipment. The sites will be inspected every 6months using non-intrusive techniques such as Partial discharge (PD) detection which measure the Transient Earth Voltages (TEVs) and Ultrasonic testing. We also carry out a Thermographic survey for the plant and equipment.

Once a year an outage will be required to enable a visual inspection and to clean and lubricate areas of the equipment not normally accessible whist the site is live. Also function and trip testing for the circuit breakers and switchgear will be carried out to ensure they are still operating correctly.

Oil samples are taken every 2 years from the transformer for Dissolved Gas Analysis (DGA), along with the option for transformer health checks to check the quality of the insulation oil and condition of the transformer.

Every 4 years the protection for all equipment on site will be recommissioned to ensure it is still operating correctly and the standards required, also all the switchgear and circuit breakers will be lubricated on all turning points for the shafts, bearings, rollers and general sliding element.

Finally, every 5 years a Fall of Potential (FOP) earthing test will be carried out to ensure the quality of the earthing system in place.

DC Condition based monitoring

Using information gained from monitoring systems and energy meters, we can compare actual performance to expected performance and take actions to ensure the optimum running of the park. We can remotely analyse and identify faulty inverters and panels and have them replaced to ensure that your asset is kept to the best condition and your investment is protected.

Solar Panel Cleaning and Grass Cutting

In order for Solar sites to generate at their maximum potential the panels need to be kept clean and out of shade where possible, grounds keeping is essential and periodic cleaning of panels will be required to reduce revenue losses.

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