Senior Authorised Persons

Sinewave Energy Solutions employ Senior Authorised Persons (SAP’s) who are authorised to take control of high voltage networks up to 33KV. Our SAP’s come from a DNO background and have vast experience and knowledge of old and new HV electrical plant and switchgear.

Our SAP’s will take control of a particular part of a system or network and carry out switching operations to isolate and earth it in preparation for work or testing. A safety document in the form of a Limitation of Access (LOA), Permit to Work (PTW) or Sanction for Test (SFT) will then be issued. Only then will any work commence or infringement of safety clearances occur.

For planned work, all switching activities will be carried out using a switching schedule approved by one of our system controllers. For reactive and unplanned works, we will work in conjunction with a control engineer, or take control of the network acting as the local system controller.


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